GAHHH! I’m SO sorry that I haven’t done a post in over 2 months since I’ve actually been here at Cambridge, guys! It’s been a hectic, manic and busy time (as I’m sure freshers’ is at every uni) but I can honesly say that I’m having the best time of my life here!!

Obviously, there is always a lot of work, but the teaching is amazing and the work is interesting so you always get it done. Everyone here is SO nice & friendly, and you settle into life here very quickly indeed. My college is loooovely – I wouldn’t want to be at any other (College allegiances have formed already, as you can see – everyone probably says that about their college too!). I’ve already become really involved in college life and have recently (this week) won the role of Women’s Officer on the Robinson College Student’s Association (RCSA) in an election, which is very exciting!

I will upload some photos tomorrow, and I will also be doing a post or two in the next few days about THE INTERVIEW PROCESS!!! So keep looking out for this!

Lots of love,

Emily xxx



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