Off to Cambridge soon…!

SO I have about a month left of my summer before I take up my place at Robinson. I was just thinking, as well as blogging about the application process to Oxbridge for everyone that’s interested, I’ll also blog about my first year at uni & how I’m getting on there etc. 

At the moment, I’m quite apprehensive & nervous I suppose, but I’m also really excited & looking forward to going. Of course, it’ll be a massive change leaving home, my family and friends but it’s a change I’m prepared for I think. I’m not saying I hate my family & friends by the way, I’m just looking forward to meeting lots of new people haha!

I’ve joined the facebook groups for Cambridge freshers & the freshers group for my college, Robinson & people seem really nice on it! (A TIP FROM ME: Don’t join a group like this until AFTER you get your results – it’s best not to tempt fate! A lot of my friends did so for other unis & I thought it was a bit risky in case you don’t get in!)

A lot of the older students are also willing to chat to you on it about your course or college, or even any general questions you have, so that’s really helpful & nice. 

Not long to go now!


Emily x


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