Oxbridge Application – Preliminary Stages

If you have decided to apply to either Oxford or Cambridge (you can only apply to one of the two per cycle of UCAS, by the way) then…good for you!

There’s a stigma surrounding Oxbridge that if you were to get in that you wouldn’t fit in because of your background etc, but that’s certainly not the case! You’ll find that most people there will be like you. Furthermore, people are often put off of applying there because they think that it will be largely oversubscribed. This is also not the case. Oxbridge receives roughly the same number of applicants as other unis – obviously the exact stats vary from course to course, but this is the same as with any other uni! 

People don’t apply there because they think that they will never get in. I think this is a real shame & obviously shows that they are not willing to take the risk & don’t have the faith in their own abilities. Of course, it’s all down to personal choice & preference, and it is a risk applying there, but you should go for it! If you think that you can do it, why not? 

Do make a serious & level judgement about it, as there are plenty of other top unis out there too! Oxbridge is NOT the be all & end all – your life will not be over if you don’t get in! Also, don’t pick your uni course based on your chances of getting into Oxbridge – you could well get a rejection from Oxbridge & then realise that you don’t really want to do your course elsewhere. Pick your course, then see if Oxbridge’s course suits you – if so, great! If not, not to worry. You may be better off going elsewhere.

Oxbridge Applications is a great company that can help with the application process. http://www.oxbridgeapplications.com 

If you sign up to the site, you get an email at certain stages of the application process with their tips & advice. I found this really useful & it keeps you on track with your application!

They also have a book “So you want to go to Oxbridge? Tell me about a banana.” giving great tips on the interviews, in-depth analyses of every college at both unis & other advice too. I also found this a great help & picked it up for free on the uni open day when I subscribed to the website. I don’t know if they still do that deal, but it’s certainly available on Amazon etc. 


I’ll write tomorrow about choosing a college!

Emily x

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