Why I am writing this blog & about me…

Hi everyone!

My name’s Emily & I am about to start my first year reading Politics, Psychology & Sociology (PPS) at Robinson College at the University of Cambridge.

The application process to either Oxford or Cambridge and even other universities is a long and demanding one. With so many hoops to jump through before you are able to even be considered for a place, it can be very hard-going. I want to write a blog to future Oxbridge applicants to offer them advice about how to tackle each stage of the application process, offering my advice & the ability for you to ask questions about the process along the way.

I went to a Grammar school in Kent to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) from aged 16-18, but I also know people who hold offers who have taken A-Levels too, so feel I can give advice about both. Similarly, I applied to Cambridgebut have friends who hold offers & will be taking up places to stufy at Oxford, so know about their application process & it’s slight differences in places too.

If you’re interested, please follow my blog & spread the word about it! I will post throughout the application process hopefully, so will follow you along your journey.

I was astounded when I got an offer from Cambridge, let alone when I met the grade requirements to take up my place there. I recognised from the outset that the likelihood was that I would not get a place, but do not be put off by this! Best of luck with your applications & feel free to ask me as many questions as you want to!

Emily x


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